Nov 23, 2009

Creative World Show - Weisbaden

The picture above, shows the entrance.If you look closely the one in the bottom right is a tour bus FULL of woman for the show. There were several tour buses by the 10's dropping woman off.
Parking was pretty easy for us. We managed to park right across the street. There are parking garages, but it's quite a hike.
 I would suggest being their right when it opens, as traffic got a bit crazy. The line for the tickets was quick and easy. There was a coat check, and easily accessible restrooms that were very clean, and a fantastic kids's day care area.  I did take my son, (5) and he had the best time! There were several adults, and they spoke English. The day care was in a quiet area, but also close by to easily check in.   It was by donations only. The workers had crafts for the kids, a small bunny petting zoo, and lots of ride on toys.

                                                  This is a shot of one isle in the arena...

Hand made items were also for sale, as well as items needed to make your own.

The food area was rather impressive. There was standing eateries, sit down cafe style, and catered. 

                                  There was a ton of scrap booking stuff. Check out those workshops!

There was a great stall of stencils, and stencil paints for all materials. I was impressed. They also had workshops.

                          You could buy past issues of various crafting magazines for 2 euros each.

This photo above is all wool fabric.

There was quite alot of materials for making stuffed animals, and lots of doll clothes for sale. Check out the rack on the upper left of doll clothes.

Extra Tips:
We arrived at 1 that day till 6, it was almost enough time. IF you wanted to do the workshops, and walk around it would take the entire day - or even two days. As far as the workshops go, I was very impressed. It wasn't your typical crafts. You can just walk up and sit down to do any of them without reservations.

Some crafts you could do were painting your own outdoor rug, make your own lamp, coffee mugs, paper Christmas cards with the 3d sticker effect, scrap booking, etc... Any child could also participate. The average cost was 5 euros a craft including all the supplies.

It is well worth coming to with friends and the family! They had a great section for the kids to play (not in the childcare area) as well. There was also a quiet place to feed babies. The coat check also had lockers for larger items. It was definitely stroller friendly.
Most places took the euro card I noticed, and of course cash. No one accepts the visa or American Master Card.
The prices were comparable to the states for most craft items. Some items were higher, but there was something for every price range!

I hope this gives you an idea for what to expect if you go next time! 


  1. looks like a ton of fun and a great place to get good ideas. Wish I could SELL there - I'll bet the vendors all did very well!

  2. I think my Claire would really enjoy this one!


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