Apr 8, 2014

Flea Market Style: Vintage Easter

I was up in Belgium last weekend visiting the Tongeren Market. I loved spotting vintage Easter decor  throughout the morning~! 

Decorating for the Holiday's with market finds, gives your space a unique and timeless feel, and can be just as affordable as decor retail shops. 

Take a look! 

                                                      Vintage paper eggs 3-5 euros
               I also loved the orange bowl. It looks like a cracked egg shell.. to cute!

                                                     Ceramic Egg plates 20-30 euros

                                                        Silver plated Egg basket

                                                              Porcelain Eggs 8 Euros

                                                               Old baskets 2-5 Euros

                                  French Cloche ( Bell) with cracked egg shells- LOVE!

Use old crates to display your finds-- and look at that cute little egg shelf in the back. 

So, as you head out over the next few weekends, look for ways you can bring the seasons, and holiday's into your home- Flea Market Style! 

Mar 16, 2014

Spring Vintage : Easter Markets in Germany

Happy Spring!! 
Saturday, my family and I visited the Easter Market in Eberbach, Germany. 

It was amazing! 

Take a look at the unique vintage containers used to display eggs--

Old trays

Vintage chocolate molds

Antique egg baskets

Vintage wooden serving trays. I
 love the idea of filling them with grains.

Vintage Box with leather straps

                                                      Vintage tin chocolate egg mold's

Old garden planting trays with moss bedding

                                                                   Variety of baskets

Birds nest style basket

                                                           Vintage Christmas ornament boxes

Tea light candle holder

Unique eggs on mini cake plates and candle holders.

I loved that you could purchase your own different size eggs to decorate!

Our family split up at the beginning.  It was so crowded that it worked best for us to team up.My daughter and I stopped at this one booth and the lady showed us the step by step process to the Batik method. Here is a photo below of the 8 step process:

We had the hardest time narrowing down which egg to purchase. I really wanted to buy the red one you see in the middle with the two hearts. But my daughter really wanted me to buy a different one. After several minutes, we finally decided on one with 2 small bunnies. 

Little did I know that minutes before I even saw it, my husband had purchased that VERY SAME egg. I had no idea he purchased an egg for me. When we all met up to head home, my son noticed that my box was the same as the box my husband got me. When I wasn't looking they switched out the boxes.  My husband asked me to take a look at my egg and see if the stand he bought fit it. When I opened my box (thinking it was the one of the bunnies I purchased) it was the egg with the HEARTS! 
Of ALL the eggs at this entire market- how is it that he purchased the one egg I had wanted? 

He knows me so well..... Love! 

There is a poem on the back of each of the eggs this artist designs. I just can't remember what this one says! =) 

So glad I took these photos so I can remember exactly where my "love" egg came from! 

As you set out your Spring  decor, think about the unique ways you can use your flea market finds to display your eggs! 

I have a set of wooden, hand painted eggs in my dough bowl on the kitchen island. 

I love using natural elements in decorating. It's cheap, and it's easy to find. 
 What unique items do you use for seasonal decor?

Feb 27, 2014

Second hand shops in Europe

Have you ever wanted to know what's really in those second hand shops in and around France, Belgium and Germany? 

These second hand shops are packed with furniture of all kinds! Many little trinkets, and lots of dishware.  No clothes in these shops! 

Located all over Europe, these shops are easy to find and stop in during your travels. 

Most of the shops are consignment shops. Prices are average to high depending on the item. If an item has been in the shop a long time you can sometimes ask for a discount. But this is not a flea market style establishment. The prices are set by those consigning.

You never know what you will find! 

 Always look the piece over before you buy for damage, mold or worm holes.

Some of the shops offer delivery to the Ktown area. You can also purchase an item, pay for it, and come back in a week to pick it up.

The shop keepers have the keys to cabinets at the front.  You will have to ask them for the key if you want to look inside a piece. So if it's locked, head up to the front and ask. 

You can find a wonderful piece at an affordable price in these shops! 

Some antique pieces are priced at value. If you truly love the piece - GO for it!

If you are looking for lamps, or chandeliers, ask if they work. Sometimes they have it written down if it's been tested. I have purchased 2 before. One worked great- the other didn't. Sometimes it's a hit or miss. But the shop keepers will do their best to help you!

Go during the week when its less crowded. Some shops are open Sundays from 2-6pm.

Once in a while you find some cool signs like this- but not usually. This sign was 300 euros. But it was about 4ft tall. =)

So visit the left toolbar on the blog and check out some of the second hand shops! 

Have fun! 


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