Aug 23, 2010

Lille's Giant Flea Market...Coming up!

Lille's Flea Market September 4 - 5 2010
Location: Lille France. aprox 4 hours from kaiserslautern
The Braderie de Lille is one of Europe’s largest flea market, and certainly one of the most well-known events in France and abroad....

from France Monthly:
This grand fair is not to be missed if you are in the area during the first week of September. It is a very important occasion in the life and culture of the citizens of Lille. During three days of folly, the city is dressed in festivities. Most of the city's street are given over to the strollers and all, professional or not, take up a bit of the sidewalk to sell their wares or more simply to get rid of what they no longer want. It is undoubtedly one of the largest flea markets in Europe which extends for over 200 kilometers of sidewalk. The origin of this fair dates back to the middle Ages, era when the valets and chamber maids of the nobles were given the opportunity, once a year, to sell old garments and objects of their masters.Between one and two million visitors stroll up and down the city streets, entertained by music and the numerous performances that take place from 2 pm on Saturday to 11 pm on Sunday. Enjoying a dish of “Moules - Frites” (mussels served with chips) has become a deeply-rooted tradition and is the subject of a contest between the town’s restaurants to see who can build the highest mountain of empty mussel shells!

For all the details Click HERE

Aug 10, 2010

Shopping in France - Retail Style....ON SALE

 I know it's been a while since the latest market listing... Bu I am a full time mama, homeschooling, and holding down the homefront while my soldier is deployed for a long time.... =)
This post while not on a flea market, does deserve it's own becuase it's the end of the year Sale in France! So take a look, just 30 min across the border to some GREAT stores! I realize that my post is mostly on girls clothes... oops. I originally took these pics for my friend Kim, and then told my friend Jessica about it,  and thought well it's better to make a little post on these fun places so everyone can take a sneek peak before heading out.  Here are 3 of my favorite stores all in one area......

How do I Get there????? 3rd Exit pass the France border.... Forbach... if you pass Cora on the autobahn, you have gone to far. =) These stores are all located within a short distance from each other
Fabio Lucci... open from 10-12 then 2-?? i think 7 this store has clothes, housewares, you name it! cute little spot!  this store you can see from the autobahn exit right in front of you... up and around the round about... be on the lookout- no address. sorry...
I forgot take pics of the rest of teh store. they have clothes for the whole family... too.

look at these cute jammies below....

then head over to kiabi.... new location since last year i think.... i love this store. Reminds me of a cheaper GAP.... very french style... End of the season has great stuff, but gets picked over fast...  (like my cool in the car photo?)
Okay, once you get off the autobahn, just stay straight.. it's next to Brico Depot (home depot type store)  you should be able to see it ......


Don't EVER buy anyone baby shower gifts unless it's from here! the most adorable baby clothes!

super toasty.. almost bought this for my little one..

10 euro skirts

6 euro shirts

12 euro long sweater

7 euro shirts

12 euro dress .. LOVE this one


then when you are done at Kiabi, head back to the round about, and towards Cora on the main drag... you will find La Foir Fouille , this is a store that has a little of everything for your home. no clothes.

great organzing stuff

craft sections

see the cute fabric lined baskets on top. very reasonable!

Giant faux flower dept...

wedding favor- make your own section.

And for baby showers.

here are there hours... clsed for lunch

So have the hubby watch the kids, grab a girlfriend and head out to explore!
there is a little resurant across the street from the store above, or head over to CORA for some more shopping and a bite to eat! Beware... you could be there ALL day!! =)

Apr 19, 2010

Local Markets - Opel Exit Floh Markt

Driving around the K-town area you may have seen this sign around every few weekends.... Well this past weekend, I decided to stop by and check out the OPEL exit flea market.

Follow the signs... and it takes you about 5 minutes to teh back side of the Opel car company parking lot... to my surpise it was quite large!
Several isles of locals selling their wares. There were very FEW vendors... this is just one isle! even moving at a rather quick rate, it still took a good hour to walk through ( I was there at the end of the day).. bring euros and extra saks! They had more everday items than antique's... but there were still some vintage wares mixed in.. lots of clothing items, linens, toys, and household items.

Most everyone spoke english. but the prices seemed to be a bit high at alot of the tables. (nothing is ever marked) But with a little bargaining... you should be able to come home with some great treasures~! It's definatly worth a visit.

My shopping buddy scored pretty good today! a new dolly stroller, a little crown ( free) a bag of play food, and a stuffed animal. =)

Located at:
67663 Kaiserslautern, Innenstadt
Location: Opel Parkplatz Portal 1
from 8:00 - 4:00
Next one Saturday April 24th!!!

Check in for photos and info at the Ramstein Floh Market held weekly in Ramstein village, the Auto Kino floh market and more in the K-town area!

Apr 8, 2010

Homburg Flea Market

Check out the Homburg Flea market Held 1st Saturday of the month! One of the larger markets in the area, you will find a mix of everything! Just 30 min away...

WHEN: 1st Sat of Month
TIME: 0800-1300
WHERE: Rathaus Am Forum 6 Homburg
Just up the A6

It's very easy to find!! It can be chilly early in the morning, so be prepared and dress layers! Parking is all around... there are designated spots for parking as well. Look for the signs.
There is your typical food/drink set up around the market.

***Bring Small Euro bills and change
***A Sak to carry your finds
*** an unbrella! ( it's Germany.. you never know when it's gonna rain!)
*** Snack/bottle water
*** notepad/pen to discuss pricing with vendor's who don't speak english ...This saves alot of guessing and misunderstandings if you don't have your dollar amounts memorized =) Also if you buy large furniture, you can sometimes work it out to have it delivered for a fee... this is also great to write your address down in a pinch!

Shop around though... this market is big with "Americans" and the locals/dealers know it.. Dont' be afraid to haggle! =)

Vendors tend to pack up at noon.. so be there early!

Still want to shop for MORE bargains? Head to the Neunkirchen Second hand store
15 min away...

Wellesweilerstrasse 90
66538 Neunkirchen, Germany
06821 9649760

Have Fun!

Send a comment of your favorite find! I would love to know what you found!


Mar 30, 2010

Venice Flea Market

This past weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Venice Italy..... we went during the week, and the flea markets in the area all seem to fall on Sundays. I was bummed I wouldn't be able to hit one while visiting... and then one day we were walking back to the hotel, and look what we found.....

It was a small but great antique market!

So, here are some pictures, I thought I would share with you, If you ever get a chance to visit Italy, look up local markets, there are some great treasures to be found!

While visiting, I was hoping to find a murano glass necklace to remember our trip by, but all the stores we went to, nothing stood out.. We came upon this table with a small pile of vintage jewelery, I thought I had found the perfect necklace, and with a history! It was the beautiful green on you can see in this photo... I walked away to "think" about it, and well... I couldn't stop thinking about it, so we went back.... =)

The lady told me that it was a vintage 1950's hand made Murano Glass, and that it would be 50 euros.. Then she pulled out a bright yellow one from behind the table, and said this was harder to find.. the yellow was just my color! she then pulled out a book, and showed me it was an original...

and here are it is in the book....

well, I decided it was the perfect token to remember our weekend together, complete with a history and best yet.... from a market! My kind of souvanier!

Flea Market's aren't just for gals.... There were more men then ladies at this one!


This was the largest piece of furniture there, perfect for the traveler!

I almost bought this set of candle holders...

small hand painted trunk..

LinkThis was a purse I saw in a shop window...made me think of my dear friend Diane over at
Sweet European Dreams , D- isn't this so cute?

Mercatino Dei Miracoli - Flea market
Check out the surrounding Markets here in Northen Italy
Markets in Turin, Milan, Albay Italy

What Markets have you visited lately??? I would love to hear about them!



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