Jun 13, 2011

Tongeren Flea Market

Have you been to the Market in Tongeren?
 If Not, Plan a Sunday and go! Located only 2.5 hours from Kaiserslautern, you can easily head up in the early am and enjoy this market.
You won't find hardly any junk at this one! No weeding through to find that diamond in the rough!
This market can surprise you at times.... One visit the prices will shock you.... the next... it seems like you can't get enough of the low low prices...

Tongeren is a picturesque spot.... It has the quaint European feel, the vendors are friendly, and the goods are unique and plenty.

What are the prices like? I always want to know that question when I am learning about a new place I want to shop at! So Here are a few examples!

These buckets above... $27 Euros
The old apotheke Jars...10-15 Euros
The french spritzer bottles below..$25 Euros

                                   You can find many unusual things there in Tongeren....

This time around there were quite a few repainted pieces of furniture. They were beautiful and reasonably priced. Also many vendors are regulars, and are in the same spot weekly. So if there is something you are interested in, or future pieces, ASK about their schedule. Some of the Vendors have warehouses or shops that you can visit. Vendors LOVE to share their information about their pieces for sale. Many speak excellent English. Dont' be afraid to ask about the History of a piece you are purchasing. =)
                                                                  Everyone loves a story!

                                                 Below is a great corner chair for only $25 Euros!

                                       On the main road is a vendor with French painted furniture.

The average prices for trunks were 50-100 euros depending on the condition and size. Dough bowls were on average 50 euros....

There was also alot of refurbished pieces... Check out this bench made from an old bed!

Several Antique shops were open on Sunday around the Market.

Unique tea set

This almost went home with me! If I could have fit it in my Van! (it was already full by the time I saw this baby)


More painted Furniture
                        If you are into Enamelware, this market had plenty of it. Prices were reasonable.

After you have shopped the streets for a bit, head into the Antiek Hall 2 .
Most items in this building are small glass items, and jewelry.... There is a nice little cafe resturant in there, that is open during the market. If you are shopping in the winter months, it's great to get a cup of coffee and warm up!  The cafe also has a  restroom for 30 euro cents.

The 1st floor of the Parking garage in Tongeren also is an Antiek Hall... Head down for some real eye candy!

Look at these baby cribs...

On the MAIN street of Tongeren just across from the Market , there is an ING ATM in this blue building.

Parking:  If you stay on the main road, and follow the curve to the right, you will arrive at a parking lot on the Left side, and on the right side is the old city wall. This is great parking, and easy to get to.
There are other parking spots around the area, if you wish to drive around. **NOTE as of June 2011 there was ALOT of construction in the city market square, and we were not able to get around easily by car, and the main parking garage was inaccessible. So keep this in mind when entering the parking garage on your GPS. =)

Don't want to leave town at 4am for the market? Check out some local Bed and Breakfasts or the Ambiotel.
Spend the night at the Spangdahlem Inns. Great rooms, and only about 1.5 hours away from Tongeren. Great for a Gas up and snacks!

My favorite purchase of the Day:
This beautiful handpainted stool.
It opens up and has flowers painted inside. $20 euros.

Are you ready to go?
Have you already gone?
 I would love to hear about your trip!


  1. Loooove your photos + write-up! And your stool is precious! :o) I made it back to the Metz market yesterday and scored a table, chandelier and a few little goodies ... I just can't get enough of antiquing over here! ;o)

    I'm wanting to plan a trip soon to Cuijk + Maastricht markets. What were your thoughts on those? I've never been! Would love to hear your thoughts!


  2. I don't know how I missed this post - it's WONDERFUL. Wish I could have been there...

  3. Does this market go on every Sunday? I would love to go but don't want to make the drive with 2 kids if it doesn't go on! Thanks for the great info.

  4. oh.. I wish I were there.
    I need to buy some of thoes tea towels(smile)

    Love your blog.

  5. Hi, I 've just been to the Tongeren Market and followed the instruction to go there by the N79 from Maastricht.
    It's true Plenty of antik stores along the road, you might miss the signs Antiek open just don't drive too fast. We went to the market first and then to the antiek stores. . The Market was nice and big also You could find plenty and all kinds , the prices where decent.I recommend to go early be there by 8 am we arrived there by 10 am and we couldn't do everything (we were with small children) cross the warehouse there is a covered parking lot/underground and there are more to be displayed but be aware by 1pm they are packing and packing home fast so if you buy something heavy arrange it with the seller how to pick it because the streets are closed for the market.
    Also one of the first antik store on the road has been recently sold , so don't be surprised to find it closed.

  6. Oh, I really want to try this market in particular! I can't wait for my ankle to get better to check this out! I LOVE the painted furniture. This makes me want to redecorate! Ahhh!

  7. Hele straten zijn vol met rommel .. Ik zou zeggen meer dan 3500 exposanten .. Veel onzin .. maar de hele binnenstad is een markt


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