Apr 8, 2010

Homburg Flea Market

Check out the Homburg Flea market Held 1st Saturday of the month! One of the larger markets in the area, you will find a mix of everything! Just 30 min away...

WHEN: 1st Sat of Month
TIME: 0800-1300
WHERE: Rathaus Am Forum 6 Homburg
Just up the A6

It's very easy to find!! It can be chilly early in the morning, so be prepared and dress layers! Parking is all around... there are designated spots for parking as well. Look for the signs.
There is your typical food/drink set up around the market.

***Bring Small Euro bills and change
***A Sak to carry your finds
*** an unbrella! ( it's Germany.. you never know when it's gonna rain!)
*** Snack/bottle water
*** notepad/pen to discuss pricing with vendor's who don't speak english ...This saves alot of guessing and misunderstandings if you don't have your dollar amounts memorized =) Also if you buy large furniture, you can sometimes work it out to have it delivered for a fee... this is also great to write your address down in a pinch!

Shop around though... this market is big with "Americans" and the locals/dealers know it.. Dont' be afraid to haggle! =)

Vendors tend to pack up at noon.. so be there early!

Still want to shop for MORE bargains? Head to the Neunkirchen Second hand store
15 min away...

Wellesweilerstrasse 90
66538 Neunkirchen, Germany
06821 9649760

Have Fun!

Send a comment of your favorite find! I would love to know what you found!



  1. I'm having a hard time holding back my big fat crocodile tears...I want to GO!!!! You'll have to go and take lots of pics so I can see what I missed. I'm still waiting on your review of DE's new TJ Maxx...very fun...

  2. I just added something to my blog page...see if you can figure out what it is...

  3. Is there any markets for antiques and vintage items you could recommend ...we normally confine ourselves to France as we travel from Ireland to buy antiques ...we are travelling on the 8th -12th June

  4. 2018....october...is it today or NEXT Saturday, the 13th. Somebody said because of the German holiday, it's the 2nd Saturday. Help!!


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