Feb 27, 2014

Metz Flea Market


                                    Metz Flea Market --Held once or twice a month.

I haven't been to this market in about 5 years. When I had gone there was a 3 euro fee to get in, and it was VERY expensive.  Last month I went with a few friends, and was surprised to find that it was pretty reasonable.  Maybe it was just because it was in the winter?
Located 1 hour and 30 min from the Kaiserslautern area--it was worth the visit. I will certainly be back on occasion. It's not my favorite market, but it's indoors and makes for a fun outing with friends while getting your  "flea" fix in the winter months! Metz hosts the second largest flea market in France.

I took all these pictures with my iPhone. But you can get the idea! The halls were half empty this time.In the summer when I had attended before it was full of vendors ---My friend went again a few weeks later and saw more vendors. The food stalls were not out- so bring a snack in the winter months.  If you love the industrial look- they have great pieces here!

When I read about flea markets online I always want to know how much items in the photo are, as to get a good feel for what to expect , and cash to bring. Hardly anyone tells you what prices vendors are asking. So, I am going to share with you the prices on a few things I saw!

In the photo below: Gothic Deacon's bench was only 135 Euros! Excellent condition.
French Christmas song books - 10-40 euros depending on the condition. They were beautiful.
Newspaper printing stamps (1st photo above) 10 euros each 14 -`16 inches tall.

                                                                   Scooter - 400 euro

Dinner Menu- from Paris 1900's - 20 euros. Excellent condition
Door knobs- 10-15 euros
wooden baskets 20-30 euros each

                    Demijohns- these were 15 Liter Amber Bottles (hard to find) 20 euros each.

Almost every time I am at a market there is a vendor advertising another market! Grab those flyers or snap a photo of it with your phone, and check them out! I find some of the best little market's that way! 

Running out of cash? It's okay! There is an ATM on site. Taking the whole family? It's stroller friendly, great parking, and bathrooms.

Have a great time! 

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  1. How can I find out when the different flea markets will be open -- days of the week, etc?


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