Apr 20, 2012

K-town Second hand shop

Last month, I found a second hand store while leaving Downtown Kaiserslautern. Many of you may already know of this little spot, and sometimes I am so busy looking outside the Town we live in, that I forget we might find little gems right where we are!

This second hand shop, does not boast antiques or vintage flea market stuff. It's more of a Salvation Army version second hand shop. It was VERY clean, Very organized, and the service was GREAT!

                      Excellent parking Lot. It's right of the main road. you can see it easily.

I was suprised to see alot of the furniture with sold tags.
                    Furniture prices were average, some above average. You will pay what it's worth..

Lots of dishes... all very very cheap. Lots of mix and match, some unique items can be found there!

 Tea Cups

A good place to take visiting guests to pick up those souvineer glassess really cheap!

There was a small section of German books, and clothing, and a teeny tiny dept for kids.

This piece above 100 euros.

There are a few other small clothing second hand shops in Ktown...

                            Have you been to any new shops? Send me a note and I can post it!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thank you so much! I've been debating on whether or not that store was a thrift shop, and just haven't made time to go in. Now it's happening, and probably first thing Monday morning. Did you know there's another [much smaller] one right across the street? Found a typewriter, some furniture, and other eclectic decor in there. Love the place. Again, thanks for posting this, I'm so excited to go thrift shopping!!!


  2. Thanks for the info! I will be sure to check out these places next time we travel up to the Ramstein area!

     Ashley @ Design Eur Life


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