Aug 23, 2010

Lille's Giant Flea Market...Coming up!

Lille's Flea Market September 4 - 5 2010
Location: Lille France. aprox 4 hours from kaiserslautern
The Braderie de Lille is one of Europe’s largest flea market, and certainly one of the most well-known events in France and abroad....

from France Monthly:
This grand fair is not to be missed if you are in the area during the first week of September. It is a very important occasion in the life and culture of the citizens of Lille. During three days of folly, the city is dressed in festivities. Most of the city's street are given over to the strollers and all, professional or not, take up a bit of the sidewalk to sell their wares or more simply to get rid of what they no longer want. It is undoubtedly one of the largest flea markets in Europe which extends for over 200 kilometers of sidewalk. The origin of this fair dates back to the middle Ages, era when the valets and chamber maids of the nobles were given the opportunity, once a year, to sell old garments and objects of their masters.Between one and two million visitors stroll up and down the city streets, entertained by music and the numerous performances that take place from 2 pm on Saturday to 11 pm on Sunday. Enjoying a dish of “Moules - Frites” (mussels served with chips) has become a deeply-rooted tradition and is the subject of a contest between the town’s restaurants to see who can build the highest mountain of empty mussel shells!

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  1. I found your post on the RESA page on FB. Thanks for the great information, I love flea markets and blogs so I'm following you in my reader. Thanks again!

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