Mar 30, 2010

Venice Flea Market

This past weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Venice Italy..... we went during the week, and the flea markets in the area all seem to fall on Sundays. I was bummed I wouldn't be able to hit one while visiting... and then one day we were walking back to the hotel, and look what we found.....

It was a small but great antique market!

So, here are some pictures, I thought I would share with you, If you ever get a chance to visit Italy, look up local markets, there are some great treasures to be found!

While visiting, I was hoping to find a murano glass necklace to remember our trip by, but all the stores we went to, nothing stood out.. We came upon this table with a small pile of vintage jewelery, I thought I had found the perfect necklace, and with a history! It was the beautiful green on you can see in this photo... I walked away to "think" about it, and well... I couldn't stop thinking about it, so we went back.... =)

The lady told me that it was a vintage 1950's hand made Murano Glass, and that it would be 50 euros.. Then she pulled out a bright yellow one from behind the table, and said this was harder to find.. the yellow was just my color! she then pulled out a book, and showed me it was an original...

and here are it is in the book....

well, I decided it was the perfect token to remember our weekend together, complete with a history and best yet.... from a market! My kind of souvanier!

Flea Market's aren't just for gals.... There were more men then ladies at this one!


This was the largest piece of furniture there, perfect for the traveler!

I almost bought this set of candle holders...

small hand painted trunk..

LinkThis was a purse I saw in a shop window...made me think of my dear friend Diane over at
Sweet European Dreams , D- isn't this so cute?

Mercatino Dei Miracoli - Flea market
Check out the surrounding Markets here in Northen Italy
Markets in Turin, Milan, Albay Italy

What Markets have you visited lately??? I would love to hear about them!


Fabric Market #3

There was alot of new summer fabrics, and notions and a few German craft books that caught my eye... This one was my favorite! you can read more about it here : SommerFrische. Everything in there was so stinking cute!!

Here were some of my favorite's this weekend ......

Oilily...( i bought the one above.. they sold out compelely within 3 hours... )

Oilily 9 euros meter...
this one below as 6 euros a meter... so cute!

I almost bought this for curtains....

Adorable pillow on display with TILDA fabrics

We ate lunch just down the block from the Marketplatz. Cafe Maldaner ; open since 1859  It was dreamy and perfect! A MUST visit while in this town!

If you are ever in Wiesbaden check out this Craft store- Listmann. 2 floors!
here are their hours and info

Mar 15, 2010

Penny Bazaar (PfennigBazaar) Kaiserslautern

Update: link to the 2015 Bazaar here

About the Bazaar
I have gone for the last 8 years... It's alot of fun. I look forward to it each year.

The GAIWC is a non-profit club. The profits of the Pfennig Bazaar will be used to support local charity projects. Furthermore, the club financially supports the German-American students & youth exchange programs. For further info please check

What to bring?

*Bring Euros in SMALL bills and change.

*Bring a sack, or small rolling luggage to carry your purchases as most of the stalls do not have bags for you. And you will have parked pretty far from the venue.

*Bring a good attitude. Shoppers are pushy and often rude. You just have to deal with it an not take it personally.

The market is set up by department. There are sections for children's toys, books, music, antiques, and clothing. The clothing is then further organized by type and size.  This makes it much easier to find just what you are looking for!

If you stop by the Antique Table, the prices are pretty much what the value is. Don't expect an amazing bargain for this section. And don't expect them to bargain the first few hours of opening. =)

More Tips

Need a German gift? This is the place! I have found Beer Steins for just 50 euro cents!


Be there Early for opening day!
I am usually standing in line 1-2 hours before opening.
Dress in layers. You will freeze waiting outside. But will be so hot inside with the crowd.
There is a a good size crowd at the entrance!

 Usually, the last day is fill a bag for 5 euros.

Kinder friendly?
I have gone with my children as infants, in the stroller, and as toddlers. It's not much fun.
It's been fine with a baby on my chest in a carrier, but it's practically impossible to move the stroller around. There are just to many people and no one seems to move out of your way. If you go during a non busy time such as after the opening rush, then the isles are definitely wide enough for strollers etc.

There is a food stand there with desserts and lunch. This makes a great break for the whole family.

Hope to see you there!


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